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Sea, sand, surf and SOME sun

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

I have just worked out that I have probably spent about 30 summer holidays in Mid Wales. 30 x 2 weeks = well over a year. There are no big theme parks where we go, no rides, no clubs or particularly  sophisticated restaurants… There’s not even any guaranteed sunshine! And  I think that’s where the attraction lies exactly. Because the weather  is changeable, we can’t expect it to be wall to wall sunshine and it  rarely is! It is precisely because the weather is NOT good all the time,  we really appreciate it when the sun shines. We feel grateful, happy  and delighted and make the most of it. Often spending the whole day on  the beach or in the sea. Making the best of every warm ray. For me, it  makes the Welsh sunshine very special indeed.

This made me think about other factors we appreciate in our lives.  Quite simply, unless you have to do without, you don’t always appreciate  what you’ve got. It’s only because you know what thirst is like that  you can savour a simple drink of water, you appreciate the cool air from  a fan when you step out of the heat, you enjoy the weekends and  holidays so much more when you have a job and without a doubt, you never  take for granted the light when you have been surrounded by prolonged  darkness.

We all experience darkness in our lives at some point: brought  on by  unhappy relationships, financial circumstances, failing mental or  physical health, the loss of a loved one. As a FasterEFT practitioner, I  have started to make a difference. It’s not my aim to banish your  darkness but to help you find the light switch, to help you stand, on  tiptoes if necessary, to reach that switch and make you see light again.  If your light switch is broken or you just cannot remember where to  find it, let me point you in the right direction!


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