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Throughout life, it is inevitable to be confronted by situations and events that make us anxious. I’ve always been fascinated by the different ways people cope with life’s challenges.

My quest began with meditation which I found beneficial but I always had trouble quieting my mind. Through one of my children's experiences, I learnt about EFT and used this method for a number of years. I then qualified as a NLP Coach and Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) which was fascinating. However, I still felt there was something missing as I hadn’t quite found what I was looking for!

It was then that I came across FasterEFT and I have never looked back, gaining level I in Riga and II and III in Athens  during 2015/2016 and completing Eutaptics levels I, II and III in 2019/2020. Tapping regularly, I find it helps me feel calmer, more content and in control. I now have a variety of stress-relief tools that are simple to use and don’t involve too much verbalisation: they work really well on an emotional level and it noticeably reduce physical stress.

Since qualifying, I have taught dozens of children and adults how to relieve their anxiety, both in groups and one to one sessions. I have given many clients relief from past traumas, phobias and fears. Please read my testimonials for more information.

I have also helped to create the online EmotionalED program for Educators and Support staff which is available here.

You can also view my collection of videos on Vimeo.

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