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Traumatic memory – vertigo

For a long time, I was regularly troubled by a very unsettling memory that happened many years ago. It involved my young son getting his finger stuck in a potato peeler. I asked Dominique if she could help me with it because at that time it popped up without any reason and manifested uneasy feelings inside my body just by thinking about it…

After one session the memory no longer had a grip on me like it did before and when I deliberately think about it now, it no longer triggers me like it used to.

I know what happened was real and traumatic at the time but the memory itself has changed and no longer affects me in a negative way. At the moment, we are working to overcome my severe vertigo and I am making good progress.

Dominique has a gentle but direct way to dive into the core of a problem and makes permanent changes happen.

- Sara, Speech Therapist, Belgium

Bad habits & mother issues!

I have been to Dominique for Tapping sessions on 3 occasions recently and I am so impressed I cannot recommend the therapy highly enough. Dominique has the unique ability to help you get to the root of your anxieties in a very relaxed way and then, using a gentle tapping technique, to accept what is and change your behavior patterns accordingly.

I have found the technique to be most helpful in breaking my habit of using my tablet in bed at night until the early hours of the morning. This was a habit I knew was making me ill and tried to stop but wasn’t able to stop on my own. Tapping has also helped me accept and cope with my dreadful relationship with my mother without guilt. That was an emotional session but the releasing of my guilt is like a weight off my shoulders!

On my third session I asked for help with being much more open to recognising and taking advantage of the opportunities which arise in life. Watch this space……. Having learnt how to tap from Dominique I find I am now able to use this technique any time any place whenever the need arises.

Thank you Dominique

- CM, Droitwich Spa

Stress headache

I have just sat at my desk headache free for the first time in 3 days! I wanted to email to thank you again for such an emotional experience. The tapping allowed me to fully relax and my happy place took me to my Dad’s garage with me passing him tools while he worked on his current project. It was a truly wonderful experience for me to be able to be back by my Dad’s side once again.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you giving your time to help me and the children at our school. You are an amazing woman!

Thank you!

- SA, Primary Teacher

Sleep problems (Girl, 11)

It has all been really positive, I am happy to report. F was actually very ‘anti’ trying it (Tapping) by the time we’d got home that day but I encouraged her to give it a go. The following morning she reported that ‘she’d had the best night’s sleep in a long, long time’.

Thank you so much for your help with this!

- Parent

Anxiety and Bereavement (Girl, 9)

It would be great if B could still get to see you for a session as I have found tapping to be of great benefit. She is learning to use this skill when things get to her. As you know she has a lot going on in her little life and I’m not always the best person for her to speak to. She often opens up to someone other than family.

The techniques you have taught her she is putting into practice and I already have noticed a change to her sleep patterns and more importantly the quality of the sleep she has been getting has improved.

B now has a new confidence because she has a coping method to use now when worries arise.

Thank you for your hard work and support.

- Mum

‘Tapping’ in school

Tapping has transformed the lives of so many of our 10/11 year old children. Dominique has taught 90 children to tap and it has now become a life changer – an anti-anxiety strategy, literally at their fingertips. Children have overcome deeply ingrained negative patterns of behaviour helping to deal with eg. nightmares, test stress and going to the dentist.

One child had a negative test for coeliac symptoms – after tapping, he sobbed deeply for 15 minutes and has been great ever since. Parents are also adopting tapping to overcome grief and fear.

I personally use it on a nightly basis to get back to sleep in the early hours of the morning – it helps quieten my mind of unnecessary ‘chatter’. Its beauty is in its simplicity – it’s easy to do anytime, any place and in a subtle and quick way.
My Headteacher commented on how ‘calm’ everyone was during national test week. It was all down to terrific tapping!

- GN, Year Six Leader, Worcestershire

Crippling stagefright

With regards to playing the piano, I stayed remarkably calm the day before, though I kept waking during the night playing the notes and fingerings in my head. On the day I rehearsed the music about 2 hours before the performance and still stayed fairly calm. The nerves really started about 10 minutes before I was due to start, but I managed to get control over them, enough to play without freaking out. So thank you for your help, I felt that I enjoyed the performance and didn’t make any huge mistakes. My husband tells me he has never known me this calm in the run up to a performance.

- HJ, Professional Musician, Wales

Anxiety – Phobia of being sick (Girl,11)

A million ‘Thank yous’ will never be enough for how much you have helped L. What you have taught her will help her through her whole life and we are so grateful.

She has managed to use the tapping to help herself and deal with her anxiety.

L taps most nights and in recent months we have noticed a big improvement in her anxiety.

- Mum

Anxiety – Confidence issues (Boy, 10)

I would like to say thank you so much for your interaction with my son over the last few weeks. I do believe the tapping sessions he has had with you at school have helped calm him and feel more in control. Although a very capable child, he does tend to worry and get anxious in various situations.

I think that if he feels equipped with the right coping strategies this will help him to combat his worries.

- Mother

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