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Dazzled by Frazzled!

I attended Ruby Wax’ ‘Frazzled’ show at the  beautiful Regal Cinema in Evesham, Worcestershire. Ruby shared the ups  and downs of her mental health journey with a crafty mixture of  frankness and wit. 

She also talked about Mindfulness and even invited  the audience to take part in a few simple exercises. It was great to see  that the show had sold out and personally, I was delighted to notice  that 20-25% of the audience were men! She managed to adroitly see-saw  between empathy and humour and I felt the got the seriousness vs humour  balance spot on.

As someone who is fascinated by the brain, its plasticity, the role  of the amygdala, the release of cortisol, the effect on our cognitive  functions etc, I was surprised to hear Ruby mention several facts and  statistics about the brain that I myself use in my workshop about  Stress! I got quite excited and kept thinking  ” I knew that!… I agree …  Absolutely right…”.

By the time the Q & A started in the second half, I just knew I  had to ask her about her experience of Tapping. The mic finally made it  to my row and I asked if she’d heard of Tapping. “Tapping? Yes, of  course I have!” she said, frantically tapping around her eyes, she then  mentioned that’s it’s only useful when you “do it every day” and I said I  agreed with that. 

I also took the opportunity of mentioning how our  brains have a negative bias and are 4x more likely to remember negative,  rather than positive experiences and the importance of consciously  going to happy emotions and memories because ‘Neurons that fire  together, wire together’ and how this is especially helpful when people  are grieving for loved ones that they’ve lost. (Someone in the audience  bravely shared previously how she was struggling 2 years after losing  her dad to cancer). I wished I’d recorded our brief exchange but it all  happened too quickly. I’m so glad I spoke up, though, and if it means  just one or two people in the audience Google ‘Tapping’ and finds EFT  and/ or FasterEFT, it will have been totally worth it!

Respect for Ruby. She’s spreading the word that needs to be spread… I’m going to end with my favourite quote of the evening:

“In the future, it will no longer be about survival of the fittest. It will be survival of the wisest!”

And this one I also love.  I’m not sure who first said it but I Love the sea metaphor: "You cannot stop the waves but you can learn to surf!"


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