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NHS Anti-stress workshop

I was invited to deliver a workshop to a team of  around fifteen nurses in a large Birmingham NHS Hospital. We all know  that NHS staff have been under a lot of pressure lately with budget cuts  and understaffing, not to mention the emotionally and physically  demanding. work that they do. 

To perform highly in such a job, they need  to be able to cope with stressful situations. In many cases, they  harness this stress and it can be a force for good but sometimes, we all  need a little help to maintain a balance. Some people do exercise, or  meditate, or smoke (not advised!) but I taught them other techniques  that they can build into their busy lives to help deal with stressful  situations and anxiety.

We looked at how stress manifests itself in our bodies and our  thoughts. We considered particular stresses in our daily life, be it  private or professional. I felt privileged to be given the opportunity  of teaching this lovely group of Health Professionals how they can help themselves to cope with the tremendous challenges and stresses in their lives.


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