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Emotional Toothbrush

Tapping daily is my ’emotional toothbrush’. It has become a habit, a  routine that ensures I maintain good emotional hygiene! It prevents  little niggles becoming big problems, just like brushing prevents  cavities appearing. However… occasionally, I need a thorough emotional  equivalent of a ‘scale and polish’ and it is quite hard (and sometimes  awkward!) to administer this myself. That’s when I contact an  experienced practitioner. Another practitioner helps me clean up in  places where my own toothbrush can’t quite reach.

So if you have discovered tapping and are good at maintenance but  there are some cavities from years ago that won’t disappear and need  attention, contact me and I will get you into my chair! But the  treatment I shall offer you does not involve needles, anaesthetics or  root canal – promised.

If reading the above makes you at all uncomfortable, you probably have a phobia of visiting the dentist. Remember: we can tap on that :)


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