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Traumatic memory – vertigo

For a long time, I was regularly troubled by a very unsettling memory that happened many years ago. It involved my young son getting his finger stuck in a potato peeler. I asked Dominique if she could help me with it because at that time it popped up without any reason and manifested uneasy feelings inside my body just by thinking about it…

After one session the memory no longer had a grip on me like it did before and when I deliberately think about it now, it no longer triggers me like it used to.

I know what happened was real and traumatic at the time but the memory itself has changed and no longer affects me in a negative way. At the moment, we are working to overcome my severe vertigo and I am making good progress.

Dominique has a gentle but direct way to dive into the core of a problem and makes permanent changes happen.

Traumatic memory – vertigo
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