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Bad habits & mother issues!

I have been to Dominique for Tapping sessions on 3 occasions recently and I am so impressed I cannot recommend the therapy highly enough. Dominique has the unique ability to help you get to the root of your anxieties in a very relaxed way and then, using a gentle tapping technique, to accept what is and change your behavior patterns accordingly.

I have found the technique to be most helpful in breaking my habit of using my tablet in bed at night until the early hours of the morning. This was a habit I knew was making me ill and tried to stop but wasn’t able to stop on my own. Tapping has also helped me accept and cope with my dreadful relationship with my mother without guilt. That was an emotional session but the releasing of my guilt is like a weight off my shoulders!

On my third session I asked for help with being much more open to recognising and taking advantage of the opportunities which arise in life. Watch this space……. Having learnt how to tap from Dominique I find I am now able to use this technique any time any place whenever the need arises.

Thank you Dominique

Bad habits & mother issues!
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