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‘Tapping’ in school

Tapping has transformed the lives of so many of our 10/11 year old children. Dominique has taught 90 children to tap and it has now become a life changer – an anti-anxiety strategy, literally at their fingertips. Children have overcome deeply ingrained negative patterns of behaviour helping to deal with eg. nightmares, test stress and going to the dentist.

One child had a negative test for coeliac symptoms – after tapping, he sobbed deeply for 15 minutes and has been great ever since. Parents are also adopting tapping to overcome grief and fear.

I personally use it on a nightly basis to get back to sleep in the early hours of the morning – it helps quieten my mind of unnecessary ‘chatter’. Its beauty is in its simplicity – it’s easy to do anytime, any place and in a subtle and quick way.
My Headteacher commented on how ‘calm’ everyone was during national test week. It was all down to terrific tapping!

‘Tapping’ in school
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