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Pinterest Pressure to be Perfect

I was having quite a chilled day yesterday: pottering about, doing a  few little jobs and even bribing my youngest to play a game of Rummicub  with me. I consciously reflected on just how relaxing it was not to be  racing round, trying to get through an endless list of tasks. I felt  content and ‘in the moment’… until I made the mistake of downloading the  Pinterest App on my mobile!  Up popped 100s of ideas of how 1000s of  (mainly) women are getting ready for Christmas. I read through a few of  them and wondered how these women have the time to make these creative  masterpieces.  Clearly, they are all much more artistic than me! They are  finding time to sit at their kitchen table, assembling crafty  masterpieces, baking ingenious Christmas treats. They are more organised  than me. They manage their time more efficiently.  They are no doubt  successful, happy and content. Their children are probably at the other end of the table, engrossed in their own unique project. I bet their  glue gun does not clog up every 5 minutes, the glitter doesn’t get  spilled, the cakes do not end up lopsided!
So instead of inspiring me it all left me feeling quite deflated for a  little while. And then I gave myself a talking to: there was a  suspicious number of ‘Nutella’ projects and ‘Terry’s chocolate orange’  creations. I bet a lot of these posts are from professionals who are  paid to spend their days churning out creations, photographing them and  putting them on Social Media, in order for us to feel inspired to buy  into the fantasy and end up feeling we SHOULD be doing it all! At what  cost?
So I urge CAUTION in the run up to the Festive Season. We cannot and should not attempt to do it all. Spend a few hours being creative but then don’t feel guilty about serving a ready meal or beans on toast. Bake the cakes but save time by leaving the bed sheets for another week.  Is anyone really going to notice?
At the end of the day, Who is the ONE person who puts you under pressure? Who is the person with high expectations? Who is the person  who can change your thinking? We all know the answer. TAP! This feeling of inadequacy… How do I know? Where do I feel it? (Start tapping) I release and let it go… Let it go…Let it go… PEACE!  Repeat until the feeling’s gone  ♥

Pinterest Pressure to be Perfect
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